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What this site is about

This site is intended to pass on curated resources to help you…

The self-employed need multiple skill sets to succeed. The regenerative model focuses on systems thinking, which means (a) considering your work in a larger context and (b) that your work success relies on a balanced system that includes your physical, social, financial, and emotional well-being. 

Who I am

I have a master’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University. I’m a court-rostered mediator. I have two decades experience in a successful freelance business in dissertation editing and academic research. I have substantial background knowledge in the social sciences, education, and leadership, brushing up on the latest research in these fields as I help graduate students to complete their degrees. I enjoy helping clients level up in these fields that have a great impact on culture.

Why this content is needed

We are all better off if we focus on the most noticeable and needed skill sets each of us has, in a way that feels aligned with our core values. With our culture facing massive changes and conflicts, more than ever we all are needed to step into regenerative work, regardless of our job title. Especially we need to know others with similar ideals have succeeded and are reaching back to encourage us