These are principled podcasters. Most of them forego or are unobtrusive with ads. If you don’t find their podcasts on your favorite platforms, you’ll be able to find them as guests on others’ podcasts or find their audiobooks. Some have transcripts online.
ShowInterviewer / PodcasterThemesLink
Pamela SlimInterviews of entrepreneurs and small business owners, relationship-based marketing
Tim FerrissInterviews of successful entrepreneurs or influencers including athletes; focus on health and culture
Brene BrownDare to Lead covers many of the topics from her bestselling books
Seth GodinMarketing with an emphasis on ethical permission-based outreach, covers a diversity of cultural issues
Lisa GillInterviews of business leaders who use decentralized power structures including sociocracy or holocracy
Jonathan FieldsInterviews of successful creatives, activists, authors, or entrepreneurs
Ursula JorchInterviews of entrepreneurs and leaders about their ethics and impact
Greg McKeownAll about focusing time and energy on what’s most impactful, from the author of Essentialism
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