Regenerative Self Employment

Maybe you’ve noticed that many people who are smart and hard working still don’t seem to “get ahead.” The playing field doesn’t have an even start. The American bootstrapping story seems elusive. The dream of homeownership turned into a nightmare for many. Maybe you’re disgruntled about the financiers who made off like bandits while taxpayers picked up the tab for the bank bailouts. 

Maybe you’re angry about politicians getting fat checks from corporations whose interests they serve. Maybe you’re noticing the stories about how most corporate scandals result in some hand-slapping at the worst while paychecks higher up the ladder—in any line of work—keep getting proportionately bigger than the majority of workers who put in the same or more hours. 

Do you sometimes wonder if that’s just the way the world works, that to “succeed” you have to sell out, look the other way when you see unethical practices, go along to get along? Do you wonder if your children will have no college education or you’ll have no retirement because your work choices and practices have not been aggressive enough?” 

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em? If you feel that joining ‘em would be too much of an “adjustment” of your values and ethics, this blog series is for you. You might need some re-tooling, new perspectives, or you might do better with an alternative lifestyle. Trust me; I’ve done it. I’ve also seen many others make it work. This is what regenerative business is about: You don’t compromise your ethics, and you find a way to live a joyful life in which you make your best contribution.