Regenerative Self Employment


I believe it’s better to not “join em” in the competitive scrabble to get a few steps higher up the economic pyramid. Opt out of the rat race. This does not mean you have to be at the bottom or live off the grid. Do join in the work world with a desire to offer your best to the select group you serve, in a way that is as ecologically sustainable and socially responsible as you can manage. Find your niche with a blue ocean marketing approach. Set your standard as a regenerative approach.


You wonder if donating a bit here and there to causes is the best way. You’ll help those fighting the good fight. Maybe you even join activist efforts yourself. I have a conviction that fighting “the system” isn’t going to get us far. I admire those who devote their efforts to increasing fairness or equity in the economy and/or society, but the approach many take is often ineffective and even counterproductive. I believe Ekhart Tolle is correct to be suspicious of any cause with “fight” or “war on…” as its motto. In fighting, you sometimes take on the very characteristics that you dislike about the other side. I find it better to focus on proactive solutions than to focus on “getting rid of problems.”

Escape If you aren’t seeing that an ethical path in the work world is available for you currently, there are other ways to find the sense of contentment and maybe adventure that we think riches would get us to. If considering major lifestyle change appeals to you, below are some teasers.